Selling your business is a life-changing event for most people. Few things will occur in your life which have a greater impact. You’ve likely built this business up over years, or even decades, and now you are considering moving on.

Selling a business is an often treacherous process where many things can go amiss. Statistics don’t lie: national studies show only 20-30% of business sellers successfully sell their companies. Those aren’t very good stats! But there is a better way… 

Having the right consultants, a team of advisors who know your industry and understand your business, is vital to your success. At Centurion 7 Business Advisors, we are business owners and operators, having spawned new businesses and grown them over many years to successful transitions. And now, with 18+ years of advising sellers at an 85% (or higher) close rate, we want to assist you to accomplish your sale with professionalism and proficiency.

Most sellers are keenly interested in these important results:

  1. Generating the highest possible sale price based upon the business’s market value
  2. Establishing a smooth transition process, with advantageous terms for the seller AND buyer
  3. Securing continued opportunity for the existing employees and management

And, most important of all, BUILDING A LEGACY the seller can be proud of.

We will guide you through every step of the way toward accomplishing these goals. Simply reach out to us however you prefer: text, call, or email, and we will follow up promptly and discreetly.

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Selling Your Business