The ancient Roman Centurion was the ultimate soldier, in every sense of the word. No rank in the history of the world’s armies demanded more than the centurion rank.

The centurion was a blend of skills; as a commissioned officer of about 80 men, he had officer duties, which included strategic planning, organization, and discipline of the men under him. But he also was a soldier – a battle-hardened leader of his troops, the first warrior into hand-to-hand combat with the enemy.

Because of these dual roles, the centurion often found himself in a difficult position, between correcting his men with severe discipline but also inspiring them to battlefield victory. When soldiers erred, the centurion administered the punishments, and they were brutal. When the soldiers prepared for war, the centurion had to rally them to the cause and inspire camaraderie. On the one hand he was understandably despised; on the other, he was necessarily revered.

The centurion played the crucial role of leading the troops into battle. This meant he was front and center of all engagements with the enemy. Hence, the life expectancy of centurions was short; no other position in the Roman army had higher casualties. To make matters even more difficult, when the Germanic, Celtic, and Britton tribes fought against the Roman armies, their men were instructed to kill the centurions at the outset of the engagement, in order to incite chaos and disorder among the opponents’ troops.

The centurions could easily be identified. Unlike the other officers, they wore a transverse helmet plume, meaning it ran side to side on the crown instead of front to back. And they usually wore a breastplate that differed from the regular troops. These differences made them an easy target for the enemy.

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Why the Centurion?