At Centurion 7, we value, market, and sell businesses.

Centurion 7  primarily consults lower middle market businesses – those with revenues $5-150 million, and select higher-end main street businesses, those with $3 – 5$ million in revenue. Due to the confidential nature of business sales, some of our listings are not advertised online but are marketed directly to buyers. If you have interest in selling or buying a business in the upper main street or lower middle market sector, please contact us directly. We’d be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

Recently Sold Businesses and Properties

  • C10 electrical and solar company performing repair and installs in northern California and Utah
  • largest and oldest property management company in North State servicing hundreds of clients
  • leading roofing and guttering company, servicing high-end clientele throughout northern California
  • specialized residential door conversion company, doing business all throughout Ca and other western states
  • most prominent glazing contractor in Northern California performing major industrial and commercial work
  • nationally known, technologically advanced marketing company with Fortune 500 clientele
  • industrial tooling machine shop and outdoor equipment retailer in 3 locations covering 3 counties
  • custom awning contractor serving thousands of homeowners for over 30 years
  • largest junk removal business in region, expanding to multiple areas of California
  • robust, long-standing auto body shop situated on prime real estate
  • equipment rental yard with real estate in exclusive coastal region
  • specialty contractor performing commercial kitchen renovations throughout California and Nevada
  • steel fabrication manufacturer with a huge book of current and future business
  • longstanding automotive repair –  largest in the geographic region
  • winery with magnificent amenities included, and room to grow
  • heavy equipment and trucking repair company experiencing fantastic growth
  • ready-made and delivered healthy meals food service business expanding throughout California
  • glass fabricator business and store with 30 years of profitability and reputation
  • firearms/sporting goods store, the largest and best in the entire county
  • centrally located automotive repair center, with multiple streams of income
  • high-end salons in 3 locations
  • new build-out gas station with C store and car wash on a busy street with real estate
  • strip mall in Sacramento, fully leased, with long term tenants in place
  • full build-out gas station, C store, car wash with real estate

Business Opportunities