Having a professional business valuation can be simply helpful or completely necessary, depending upon the situation. We provide them for both scenarios. A business valuation typically performs one of the following three functions:

  1. Provides current valuation knowledge to the owners and management to help them grow, sustain, or restructure a business. Knowing where you currently stand is vital to knowing where to go. A business valuation gives owners a starting point.
  2. Provides current valuation knowledge to prepare for selling. Owners must know what the numbers say their business is worth before they go to market. Thus prepared, they can negotiate from a position of authority, and not have to rely on guesswork to determine how much they can realize from the sale of their business.
  3. Provides current valuation knowledge to a court of law in a divorce, bankruptcy, or deceased owner situation. Any legal determination dividing assets will require a professional, qualified analysis of business value.

Centurion 7 Business Advisors has many years’ experience determining business values for multiple kinds of businesses. We have valued construction, manufacturing, transportation, retail, distribution, professional, and medical businesses. And many more. We can provide you a comprehensive business valuation analysis using time-tested strategies for any situation… just reach out and let us know how we can help. The value of a business valuation is… invaluable!

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Business Valuation